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    Le G.R.E.C et vous
    20.12.21 — 20:00
    St-André-des-Arts, Paris, France
    Carte Blanche of Mathilde Chavanne

    Quelque chose brûle, by Mathilde Chavanne (23')
    Fanfreluches et idées noires, by Alexis Langlois (28')
    António, Lindo António, by Ana Maria Gomes (42')

    Festival Utopia
    Cinema Fernando Lopes, Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa, Portugal
    Portugal / UK / Moçambique / Guiné

    7th Muestra de Antropología Audiovisual (MAAM)
    15.11.21 — 21.11.21
    Museu Nacional de Antropología, Madrid, Spain
    International Competition

    36th Festival Européen du film court de Brest
    10.11.21 — 16:00
    Cinéma Les studios, Brest, France
    An invitation of Cristèle Alves Meira, with the films: "Cães que ladram aos pássaros" by Leonor Teles & "Invisível Herói" by Cristèle Alves Meira.

    20th Festival Internacional de Benalmádena
    Casa de la Cultura, Benalmádena, Spain
    An invitation of Jaime Noguera

    Porto Femme – International Film Festival
    01.10.21 — 16:15
    Cinema Trindade, Porto, Portugal

    VII Edition Directed by Women Spain
    07.09.21 — 20:30
    Cineteca, Sala Azcona — Matadero, Madrid, Spain

    Shortage #08
    03.09.21 — 22:00
    Incubadora do Centro Histórico, Viseu, Portugal
    Bustarenga & À trois tu meurs
    An invitation of Carlos Salvador

    Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival
    07.08.21 — 11:00
    Casa Cultural, Melgaço, Portugal
    Bustarenga International Competition


    Off Screen Summer Course — Mdoc
    10.08.21 — 10:00 > 12:00
    Casa Cultural, Melgaço, Portugal
    First Person Narratives
    An invitation of José da Silva Ribeiro

    The Summer Course is coordinated by José da Silva Ribeiro and is an initiative of AO NORTE, through its Group of Film Studies and Digital Narratives in collaboration with the Municipality of Melgaço, ANPAP – National Association of Professionals in Visual Arts, the Federal University of Goiás, Universidade Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, the Federal University of Pará, the Federal University of Pernambuco, the Jean Rouch Foundation, the Pará Ethnographic Film Festival (Grupo Visagem / PPGSA-UFPA) and the Recife International Ethnographic Film Festival.

    The emergence of the first person in documentary film is not a fact disconnected from cultural transformations, but as broad ones that had a great impact on artistic and intellectual expressions such as the crisis of large narratives and totalizing explanations, the profusion of small narratives, the discourse about the world centered on subjectivity and the biographical and autobiographical trajectories of its authors. The first-person documentary also contributed to the accessibility of sound and image technologies, with the emergence of video and successive technological innovations, the availability of editing and composition software, as well as the economic and political requirements that facilitated the profusion of solitary, independent filmmakers and the surfacing of first-person cinema. However this does not constitute a break with the past, but the development in what was already latent since the 1960s and which in the subsequent years found appropriate conditions for its development. The themes are not particularly innovative, not even their social function. The novelty / innovation consists above all in the treatment of themes and social phenomena from the experience of oneself, the individual, personal, in order to tackle them. In this session we will invite a female filmmaker to present her personal experience of creativity in the first person.


    Filmin Portugal — Now Available:
    António, Lindo António